The Summary

A safe and mobile casing for the old projector was needed. It’s capable of streaming any media from another device using the steam hard- and software. All you need is a power socket and a white wall. Optional Ethernet input and audio output included.

What did it cost?

Besides the Projector and the Steam Link which were already there. The box and the HDMI sound separator were the most expensive. But see on you own.

Box 22,95 €
HDMI sound separator 15,99 €
audio jack recessed socket 12,50 €
Ethernet recessed socket 11,24 €
USB Power supply 7,00 €
Cinch to jack adapter 6,99 €
Power supply recessed socket 6,69 €
HDMI cable short 5,48 €
Ethernet cable short 4,85 €
Hinges 2,00 €
Total 95,69 €

How long did it take?

Prototype not included this needed about 40 hours. Most challenging was to cut the housing. First it needed to be shortened, than the holes fort the interfaces were needed.
If you have everything in place this could be put together in less than a half hour.

What’s next?

Let the Box hover over the ground and control it with your voice?! Well, first things first. Now it’s time for a movie!

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