This site shows all build and finished projects so far. Most projects combine a customized hardware running a open source software. Each project is described by several blog post, and can by read chronological or by stepping right into a detail. Have fun and share your impressions!

Magic Mirror

Building a 32 inch smart mirror with a metal frame including an IR camera. It’s used to display useful information like time, date, weather, calendar, …

Software is using the MagicMirror contribuation by Michael Teeuw to display.

The Idea & Concept

The Screen

The Mirror

The Frame

The Camera

The Assembling

The Summary, part list and prices

Building a mobile projector box

An easy to use and store box for the mobile projector. Fits perfectly in every home with little kids.

The Idea

The housing and the inner parts

The Summary

A retro console in a NES Cartridge

This idea was so brilliant I needed to build this. See what I learned building my version