Bluetooth Buttons

Control your Sonos speakers with Bluetooth Buttons

Here is the ideal solution to control your SONOS speakers using cheap Bluetooth Buttons, originally build to interact with your phone while driving. The Idea I’m pretty sure, you have heard of SONOS. They sell a wireless a Home Sound System based on high quality speakers. The Speakers are usually controlled by an app. Once you have […]

Magic Mirror: Show how your website performs with MMM-GoogleAnalytics

This blog post describes how to get credentials for using Googles Analytics Core Reporting API with module for the MagicMirror². See the full setup and capabilities of this Magic Mirror Module on Github: MMM-GoogleAnalytics. 1. Create a Service Account Googles Developer console First create a new project on Googles Developer console like “mywebsiteGAapi”. Under the section “Credentials”, execute “Create credentials” […]

Query Google Analytics via Node.js

This blog post shows how to setup and query data with Node.js from Googles Analytics Core Reporting API. 1. Install Googles Analytics Core Reporting API Install the Googles Analytics Core Reporting API for Node.js in your project folder using npm: npm install –save googleapis 2. Get the credentials from Google 2.1 Create a Service Account Googles […]

Programming modules for the Magic Mirror

Charts and Gauges I love charts! So I wrote two little modules for the Magic Mirror to include beautiful graphics generated with grafana. Depending on the object you want to monitor, you’re able to use a specific module. MMM-GoogleAnalytics Do you run a website and are interested in the statistics? Here is your module! This […]

Building a mobile projector box – The Summary

The Summary A safe and mobile casing for the old projector was needed. It’s capable of streaming any media from another device using the steam hard- and software. All you need is a power socket and a white wall. Optional Ethernet input and audio output included. What did it cost? Besides the Projector and the […]

Programming your personal weather chart

This blog explains how to program your individual personal weather chart, to predict when it will rain or snow, down to the minute, at your exact location. Weather charts are fantastic. You’ll need them almost every day, they are tiny and filled with hopefully trust able information. But to arrange several information in one small size of […]