The Frame

With the decision regarding screen  and mirror  taken final dimensions were clear and the fun with constructing a frame could begin. To get a thin product with a solid and industrial look I wanted to use a bent enclosure out of sheet metal.

With the kind help of my flatmate, who owns a hardware prototype company, we were able to design a nice prototype.

The results of the construction process were provided to a nearby metal factory. The design drawing is available for download.

The construction as Solidworks® Part is also available online on Onshape.

After waiting more than five very looong weeks, the frame was finally crafted and made me another 100€ poorer. Man, this was getting way more expensive than first calculated.
But every bad taste vanished when the parts were together for the very first time.

As the TV screen is mounted right to the wall, the frame should ‘sit’ on the screen, holding the glass of the mirror itself. To fix the frame properly to the screen, we first planned to use individual metal blocks on each edge of the screen and tighten them with two screws.

Small spoiler: In the end I decided to use two wooden bars on the top and the bottom of the mirror to fix the frame. There were much more easy to customize and gave an additional vertical stability to the frame.


On the top and the button of the frame a place for a power socket was planned. The speakers of the TV screen were easily to ease and found their new place on the button of the frame, able to play through several oval openings.

Soft tape from a ‘hook and loop tape’ is used on the inner side of the frame prevent the monitor screen from feared scratches.


Time to put every piece to its final destination – The Assembling

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