The Box needed to enclosure the dimensions of the projector and had to fit under the bed frame. Not that easy.

In the end I ordered a higher box, and made a large cut to reduce their height by 2.5 cm.

With a nice equipment gaming PC next door, I tried to stream games to the projector via a Steam Link. This worked quite well as long as it was connected via Ethernet.
Another challenge was the sound output. The Steam Link only provides audio output via HDMI.

Even the projector was capable of playing sound, this was no fun. Only noise.

Unfortunately, the projector did not provide a way to output the sound. So I needed to split the sound from the HDMI signal before it went to the projector.

Cables over cables, this needed to be ordered.

Everything  stored in the lower part.

Interfaces. Power socket, two USB and Ethernet and audio output.

Angle adjustment is possible with a variable belt flap.

Building a mobile projector box – the summary

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