This blog post describes how to get credentials for using Googles Analytics Core Reporting API with module for the MagicMirror².
See the full setup and capabilities of this Magic Mirror Module on Github: MMM-GoogleAnalytics.

1. Create a Service Account Googles Developer console

  • First create a new project on Googles Developer console like “mywebsiteGAapi”.
  • Under the section “Credentials”, execute “Create credentials” and choose “Service account key
  • Create a new service account and choose a Service account name

    • Role: Project -> Viewer
    • Key type: JSON
    • Copy the email address under Service account ID
  • Click “Create”, save and rename your credential file (e.g. mywebsiteGAapi-6116b1dg49a1.json) in keyfile.json and save it in your MMM-GoogleAnalytics folder., like MMM-GoogleAnalytics/keyfile.json

2. Create a User and get your View ID from your Google Analytics Account

  • open the Admin panel in your Google Analytics Account and enter the User Management section
  • Create a new user
    • Email address:  The one you copied previously (It’s also in the JSON-file you already saved)
    • Property Permissions: Read & Analyse
  • Back in the Admin panel under View enter the View Settings

  • Copy the View ID

Perfect you did it, that’s all!

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