The Idea

To watch movies from time to time on a canvas is the most comfortable position, I decided to place the projector right under my bed. In case it’s not used I would just slip it under the bed frame.

An easy solution was found by using a cardboard box, but  after some days a more orderly and safer solution was needed. So I decided to build a nice casing, which collects the cables and protects the projector.

It stated out the following features were useful:

  • low height of the case, capable to be stored under the bed (max height 21 cm)
  • two areas with the case (top and bottom), to hide the cables under to projector
  • adjustable horizontal angle of the projector
  • dust proof storage, if not in use
  • optional: sockets for power and Ethernet

See here the creation of the housing with several interfaces…

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